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Afanasy Nikitin is going beyond the equator or to India in the southern hemisphere Uncategorized 

Afanasy Nikitin is going beyond the equator or to India in the southern hemisphere

A person who does not meet his personal convictions or generally accepted notions is inclined to overlook. Or he finds this explanation by drawing attention from the field of objective fact to the area of ​​subjective play around.

Schoolchildren will learn about the walking of Athanasius Nikitin over three seas.

But the fact that he, at the same time, went beyond the equator – no one reports to them. And do not report.

And they themselves are not stupid: who does not know that India is in the Northern Hemisphere? – There are none not among scientists, not among teachers with schoolchildren.

Thus, the factual material that the traveler’s story abounds in is interpreted through the subjective unconscious commentators into the subjective conscious Athanasius Nikitin.

Example!? – Please: The rainy season, starting in June, according to Athanasius “days from Trinity”, is called by the Russian merchant in the winter.

Let’s read the individual places more closely.

And from Tarom I went to Lara, and from Lahr – to Bender – then the pier of Hormuz ..

Here I spent the first Easter, and came to Ormuz four weeks before Easter ..

I was in Ormuz for a month, and from Ormuz after Easter, on Radudnitsa, I went with my horses over the Indian sea ..

And I, a sinner, brought the stallion to the Indian land, and went with him to Junnar, with God’s help, healthy, and he became a hundred rubles to me. Winter began with their Trinity Day.

I wintered in Junnar, lived here for two months. Every day and night – for four whole months – water and mud everywhere.

For Athanasius, the feast of the Trinity is the beginning of summer.

Who does not know: Trinity – is celebrated at the end of May – at the end of June.

And he writes that winter has come. That’s right: winter comes in the southern hemisphere when summer begins in the northern.

In winter, they have simple people walking – a veil on their hips, another on their shoulders, and a third on their heads, and princes and boyars then put on ports, yes a shirt, and a caftan, and a veil on their shoulders, gird themselves with another veil .

Although the tropics, but something on itself, in the winter, should be pulled (veil – a strip of cloth).

Look at the location of the equator and the tropic at -1, past the pole. The red line through the Black Sea is the equator.

Below is the Tropic of the South. And the thin line at the very bottom outlines the actual equator.

Spring they began with the Protection of the Holy Virgin. And the memory of Sheikh Alaeddin is celebrated and the beginning of spring two weeks after the Intercession of the Feast lasts eight days.

And their spring lasts for three months, and summer for three months, and winter for three months, and autumn for three months.

Definitely pronounced seasons. Where Athanasius was — in the drawing he is shown in a red circle – the average height above sea level from 700 to 1000 m, and the climate was then different.

As you can see from the description, Athanasius walked along the equator. The time of his travel falls on 1465-1472, and the pole moved in the 1590s.

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